Larry Trotter

Full name: Larry Dean Trotter

Born where and when: April 4, 1958 in Peoria, Illinois

Family status: Big!! Married with 5 (count 'em!) kids and 1 bird

How I met my spouse: On a mission trip to what was then communist Europe in Poland

How I became a Christian: I was led to Christ through the ministry of my senior high Sunday School teacher, Dick Hartman (a good friend to this day!). I publicly professed Christ during my Junior year of high school at a Billy Graham movie called “A Time to Run”

I’d describe my faith as: "A gift beyond words - my only hope"

Spiritual gifts: Teaching, Leadership

Education: I studied civil engineering at the university of Illinois. After graduating I worked as a civil engineer in Dallas, Texas for five years before attending seminary at Dallas Theological Seminary.

How I ended up at NW: Steph and I had been planning to move to Eastern Europe following seminary, but were re-directed to help plant a new church in the states. North Wake had just begun searching for their first pastor and Stuart Bulman (one of our current elders) called me up to interview me for the position.

Favorite Movie: Les Miserables